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About the artist

Being creative is taking the things around you that are available for all
but making something unique from it.

Originally from Switzerland, I have been teaching Materials Design & Technology at a private Secondary School in Perth's northern suburbs. The diverse facets of working with timber be it teaching Woodwork to my students in class, Wood Art as an extra-curricular activity after school in the workshop, building my own furniture for home or linking wood and artwork by creating one-off picture frames have always fascinated me. In 2009 my passion for working with wood, form and Art has taken a twist and driven me towards exploring my own creativity – unusual wood carvings. Based on self-taught skills, albeit without formal Art education and training, I tend to produce groups of figures in small series, experimenting with power tools on recycled wood, and in doing so giving formerly redundant timber a new and unexpected lease of life. The use of machines and power tools such as chain saw, wood carvers, power file and hand tools alike coupled with a little imagination allow me to create distorted, elongated figures and shapes from dead tree remnants (logs, branches), planks or boards collected from bulk rubbish. Contrasting surface textures and finishes, often in the same piece, display the natural beauty and versatility of wood. An occasional subtle splash of humor or an element of quirkiness is often embedded in my sculptures reminding us that life doesn’t always have to be taken too seriously.


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