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This year my focus is on:

  • creating a new body of work

  • participating in a few Art Awards

  • Artist in residence in Warmun

  • Annual CASM Mindscape 2021 exhibition at Moores in Freo in October

Mindscapes 21 Poster resized.jpg

Artist in Residence at Ngalangangpum School Warmun
31. May - 19. June 2021

I was invited by Principal Ms Amy Christophers to be guest Artist in Residence at the remote Aboriginal Community School in Warmun (formerly Turkey Creek) to create some Totems for the school's Mindfulness Garden, plus engage all classes in some practical hands-on art projects. So we made painted snakes and stick people, bird feeder and birdhouse, plus a Blue Tree Project with participation of all classes from Kindy to High School. The High School boys and girls were also introduced to a few sculpting lessons in the workshop where they created a 3D animal sculpture. They all were lovely students, very keen and productive learners. A special thankyou goes to the teachers for fully supporting these three project weeks, and Miss Amy for giving me this opportunity to engage with her school in an Art programme. It turned out to be a wonderful experience in a truly breathtaking environment.

Mindfulness Garden
The logs
Ngalangangpum School
Cultural dances with Elders
Chainsaw Man
Totems and values
Totems and Snakes
Snakes and stick men
The Junior Primary Bird House
Art Room
The little ones
Blue Tree Project 1
Stripping the bark
Finished Blue Tree

Westralia Square, CBD Perth: TWENTY in 2020

Westralia Square, CBD Perth: TWENTY in 2020

Westralia Square, CBD Perth: TWENTY in 2020
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All Categories
TWENTY Westralia Square 1

TWENTY Westralia Square 1

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TWENTY Westralia Square 2 Foyer Front

TWENTY Westralia Square 2 Foyer Front

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TWENTY Westralia Square 3 Foyer Back

TWENTY Westralia Square 3 Foyer Back

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