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How I create my artwork

what does it take to create a piece of this kind?

a blend of three things: hand, heart and mind.

I gestation

a Y-shaped fork of a branch of a tree –

what can I do, what do I see?

the branch now lives with me for a while,

I stare at it, imagine and dream,

until the wood starts talking to me.

with time inspirations emerge,

ideas come to life – when? why? how?

I never know (but they do).

II associations/symbols

trees embody growth and grace,

the female body implies fertility.

blue is cool - blue water, blue sky.

roots bring life force and keep us grounded,

by air, earth and water we are surrounded.

the one thing independent is our head space.

III creation

my hands begin to create my picture,

the wood now becomes my clay for weeks

before our joyful encounter comes to an end.

the branch in its new costume

may now feel valued again.

I do love both process and journey.

but is it meaningful?

anyway (who wants to know …).

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