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Covid-19 creates a new Series

Grounded Set of 3 recycled urban stone materials

(A Suitcase, a Black Faux Leather Handbag and a Red Croc Skin Handbag)

During the COVID-19 pandemic with international travel on hold, planning a plane trip meant it was either impossible or one was taking a risk. Therefore, logic told you to stay put … 'Grounded' is indicative of the current times where international and interstate travelling has either come to a halt or with extremely limited options due to COVID-19 restrictions: Airlines were grounded, staff were stood down, tourism in general was suffering badly, keen travellers who took a chance had to be prepared to cancel bookings on a short notice or to go into quarantine. All of this weighed 'heavily' on peoples and industry's minds. This is symbolised by the choice of urban stone materials in this piece: a brick, a limestone and a moss rock have been transformed into travel utensils which never take off … This recycled 'Rock Handbag' idea led to a new serious of any Ladies' favourite accessory. New colours, new styles and new designs turn them into a more sophisticated look. Checkout the Website Gallery.


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